Welcome to the Tyler Research Group

Lab Members

Dr. Carrie Tyler

Dr. Tyler  is primarily focused on the processes governing the distribution, paleoecology, and evolution of marine invertebrates, the role of taphonomy and the fidelity of the fossil record in the development of macro-evolutionary and macro-ecological models, the application and development of quantitative paleontological methods, morphometrics and functional morphology of marine invertebrates, and ecosystems response to and recovery from perturbation.

 After earning her PhD at Virginia Tech, Dr. Tyler completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida. Dr. Tyler has been a professor at Miami University since 2015.

Hannah Kempf (Undergraduate)

Hannah is currently working with Dr. Tyler on a project using food webs to examine how biotic invasions affect ecosystem dynamics.

Although they are the leading cause of extinction in modern ecosystems, relatively little is known about the long-term effects of invasive species. Biotic invasions can alter trophic interactions, richness, predation intensity, ecospace utilization, and faunal dominance. Food webs provide an alternative strategy to evaluate energy transfer and interactions among species, and can be applied to the fossil record to evaluate paleocommunity vulnerability and response to invasion. To quantify the effects of biotic invasions on ecosystem structure, food webs were reconstructed from Late Ordovician (Cincinnatian) marine paleocommunities before and after the Richmondian Invasion (RI), an influx of invasive species to the Cincinnati region (USA).

Ian Castro (Graduate Student)

Ian is currently working with Dr. Tyler as a Master’s student. His work will expand upon the work done by Hannah and Dr. Tyler and attempt to better understand impacts of biotic invasions and compare the changes in paleocommunities shown before and after the Richmondian Invasion.

Ian received his Bachelor’s degree in geology at the University of Cincinnati and attended field camp at Kent State University.

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